Exploring the Arctic

Eykon Energy ehf. is an Icelandic company, in oil exploration and production. It has participated in the Icelandic second round for the Dreki Area with CNOOC, China National Offshore Oil Corporation. Eykon Energy's geographical focus is in the North Atlantic and Arctic.
Geographic Focus
Eykon Energy's focus is on the Arctic, along with the North Atlantic. That includes the Dreki Area on the Jan Mayen Ridge micro-continent, where the company has applied in the second licensing round along with CNOOC.
On October 3rd 2011 the National Energy Authority of Iceland (Orkustofnun) announced the second licensing round for hydrocarbon exploration on the Icelandic continental shelf - the Dreki area. Eykon Energy submitted its application in March 2012. Eykon Energy was at that time not awarded a license, but given an extension for a fixed period of time to bring in a partner to take on oil exploration in the Dreki Area.
After few months of negotiations with various companies, Eykon and China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) came to an agreement. As of July 2013, the National Energy Authority of Iceland is evaluating the application submitted by Eykon and CNOOC.
Iceland is a democracy with a strong tradition of respect for the rule of law. There is interest in the country for the oil industry and willingness to embrace the opportunity. Iceland has a good knowledge base and a highly educated work force. There is great knowledge in the fields of geology and engineering as Iceland has been at the forefront of drilling for and harvesting geothermal energy. In addition, there is substantial maritime expertise based on the fishing industry.
Heiðar Már Guðjónsson
Chairman of the board
Gunnlaugur Jónsson
MD, Member of the board
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Member of the board
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Member of the board
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Member of the board
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